Fly with your company

If flying in a balloon is a fantastic experience already, an event with 4, 5 or more balloons is a real festival to remember!

A balloon flight will make your incentive, training or teambuilding activity absolutely unforgettable. It is very likely to mean a dream come true for the participants (partners, clients, workers, price-winners, press...)

For safety reasons, in order to avoid thermal currents, the activity has to be carried out in the early in the morning, starting at 7:30 a.m. in the summer and at 8:30 in the winter. The whole activity will take around 3 hours, of which you will spend about one afloat. The rest of the time will be used in balloon inflation, boarding, landing, balloon packing, coming back to the launch field in our retrieve vehicles and celebration with a toast of "Cava" (spanish champagne). Finally passengers will be awarded with a flight certificate.

The activity will be talked about for a long time among the participants!

We can personalize either the baskets or even the whole balloon for you.

We can also approach the activity as a funny precision competition.

The activity depends entirely on weather conditions, so we offer an alternative activity in case the weather is not suitable the chosen day.


*Do not hesitate to contact us to get the information on the estimate for a balloon flight that meets your needs, without obligation.
*We recommend booking at least 20 days in advanced.