About Us

    • AERODIFUSIÓN is a family business built up on the basis of a tradition that lasts over 30 years.
    • European Balloon Festival winners, balloonists in Dakar Rally and Tanzania Balloon Shani, former aerial traffic controllers...work for us.
    • Most importantly, our team carries on gaining experience by organizing flights in promotions advertising events for a whole range of brands, as well as non- commercial balloon flights.
  • Our operations manager, Manuel Duque Jr. (on the right, beside his father in the picture) belongs to the second generation of balloonists (pilots and flight instructors).

Did you know...?

...Manuel Duque Sr. and Mercedes Montero, Aerodifusion’s founders, were among the Spanish pioneers of modern ballooning in the 70’s.

Manuel Duque:

Son of pioneers of modern ballooning in Spain by father and mother, flying since he was born. He obtained his pilot's license at the age of 17, paying for it by working in a balloon factory, and his instructor's license at the age of 18, being among the youngest in the world. In addition to having flown countless corporate and passenger balloons, he has experience with special shape balloons and helium tourist balloons, the "HiFlyer". He worked 3 years as an air traffic control operator at the Torrejon Air Base and also as a regular contributor to the specialized magazine "Aviación Deportiva". He is also our Operations Manager. Passionate about mountain and cross-country flying, he escapes from work whenever he can to go to Festivals... and when he doesn't fly he talks about when he does. Horrible case!

  • Champion pilot of the European Balloon Festival 2002
  • Tanzania Balloon Shani Expedition 2005
  • Mount Kilimanjaro overflight 2011
  • Saudi Arabia Balloon Festival 2019, 2020 & 2022


Javier Sánchez:

He has been working with hot air balloons since 2005, accumulating great experience in passenger flights. He is also a specialist in mass events, musical shows, sports, etc. He has also experience in tethered balloon activities.

Flight experience in Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Portugal, etc.


Jacobo Lasaosa:

Commercial IFR and hot air balloon pilot since 1992 after a very complete training. He is experienced in handling special shaped balloons and hot air blimps. Currently he is possibly the best tethered balloons pilot in this country (the rest of the team are still waiting for him to reveal his secrets to us). He complements his work with nautical activities.

  • Atlantic crossing by sailboat 2011
  • Flight experience in Mexico, Portugal, etc.