Tethered flights

Enjoy the experience of siplaying a hot air balloon in your event!

A magnificent hot air balloon of 21 m height x 17 m diameter, the equivalent to a 5 floor’s house, it will grant an elegant and distinctive note that everyone will cherish in their memory.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Height:

In captive flights 25 metres is the maximum height.

  • Where to fly it:

For captive flying any clearing of 40 metres x 40 metres minimum (the half of a football pitch) will be suitable, free of obstacles or cables. Permission of the owner will be required, either if it’s the town’s council or a landlord.

  • When to fly:

A captive balloon ride can be done in the morning, in the evening or at night. The scenery it creates is especially spectacular at night because it looks like a light bulb, flashing and glowing in the dark sky. In winter there are no thermals therefore, captive balloon rides can be done at anytime, whereas in summer and spring hotter days it has to be done in the early morning (from 9:30 a.m. to about 11:30 a.m.), later in the evening (from 08:00 p.m. to about 10:00 p.m.) or at night, always when thermals can be avoided for security reasons.

  • Length of the exhibition

Once the balloon is in the location it takes approximately 30 minutes to assemble and inflate the envelope, quite an amazing process to witness. The captive balloon can be standing for 2 hours and to allow inside the basket a maximum of 80 people per exhibition (with 2 passengers inside at a time). Packing up the envelope takes about 45 minutes.

  • If the weather is not favourable:

48 hours before the exhibition we will inform you on weather forecast. If they are not favourable for the activity, it can be postponed or cancelled free of cost, in case the flying team hadn’t had to travel to the area.

  • Safety measures in the ballon

Our teams are fully qualified and ready to decide when to abort or to cancel an exhibition if necessary. On the other hand, our balloons have previously undergone inspection, always according the air navigation regulations. Nevertheless, the activity is covered by a liability and passenger’s insurance policy according to the current regulations.

  • Personalisation of the balloon

The balloon offers an incomparable brand image. It can be recalled by means of huge banners (about 13x4 metres) or by smaller advertising signs placed on the basket (about 1x1 metres) for very low prices. You can also have a billboard with more than 1.000 m2, 360º, being an excellent tool for promotions (draws, merchandising distribution in events...). It is also a great attraction, for you can invite assistants inside. It is completely ecologic and it will take the audience back to childhood...the memory of a lifetime!

Did you know..?
… First hot air balloons were built for military purposes. The ‘Compagnie d’aérostatiers’ was created in 1793 in France, being the first air force unit ever. The company owned a balloon and 26 officers that were physically trained, as well as thought meteorology and mathematics. The captive balloon was used as aerial platform to watch. It could communicate with land through coloured flags and correspondence in bags tied with ballasts. One year later, in 1974, during the battle of Fleurs, a captive balloon located enemy positions, awarding the victory to the French over the Austrians. This supposed recognition of the military use of aerostats and 20 more of them were built. Some examples are: Céleste, Agile, Intrépide or Martial. Napoleon dissolved this company in 1804.