Hot air balloon flights

Have you ever let yourself dream that you float in the air as if you were inside a bubble? Now you can make it happen...

Such an amazing and relaxing feeling, free of fears or shocking impressions, cradled in nature’s light and sounds as dawn breaks.

You’ll fly always enjoying the best security measures thanks to qualified balloonists. An experience as unforgettable as unique, a dream come true that will turn out to be the perfect gift, the one that you have long been looking for your loved ones, colleagues or significant other.

Experience a life-time memory!

The activity begins early in the morning, about 8:30 in the winter and 7:30 in the summer, when the air and winds are most stable. The whole activity takes approximately 3 hours including inflating the envelope, boarding, flying (about an hour), packing the envelope and taking back to our launch field in our vehicles. Finally you’ll be awarded with a Flight Certificate and make a traditional toast with Cava... the evidence of an experience made for you!

Don´t forget to...

  • Wear comfortable clothing. A cap and footwear to walk in nature (no high wheels or sandals).
  • Take a photo camera.
  • We will reach about 300 metres high and cover around 10 kilometres depending on the wind conditions.
  • Once in the air the temperature will be even higher than on the ground, therefore no special coat is needed.
  • As mentioned above the whole activity takes 3 hours, the flight will be around 1 hour.
  • The activity depends entirely on weather conditions. It’s important to confirm if the weather forecast is OK for your flight. If no, the flight will be postponed. Your safety is our major priority.
  • The activity is insured according to the European Regulations.
  • This activity is not recommended for people with heart, bones o overweight problems, neither for pregnant women. Aerodifusión may restrict the access to the activity for safety reasons.
  • The activity requires that you get up early and places are very limited, therefore your booking is definite. If you want to cancel or postpone it, it is necessary to do it at least 72 hours before the flight. Likewise, booked places will be lost straight away if passengers are not there before balloon taking-off.
  • Visit our terms & conditions.

Did you know...?

...According to study carried out by the University of San Francisco the money that is spent on life experiences and social activities leads to more satisfaction than shopping. See the press release here.

Rumour has it that Einstein said after publishing his Theory of Relativity in 1915 ‘ I must do a balloon ride ...’ (in those days not everyone could afford it.)

You know what they say in Spain- ‘flying in a balloon is one of those things that you just have to do in life such as planting a tree or writing a book’... versions may change depending on the area.

Says and popular knowledge are the best advisors!