Balloons for promotions

Can you resist gazing at the majesty pace of a hot air balloon gliding in the sky?

A hot air balloon is the major and most impressive advertising sign in the world. With more than 20 metres height and 1.200 m2 surface a balloon is the advertising mean with the highest retention impact rate..

A hot air balloon is something that everyone will enjoy because of its unique magnificence, obtaining clean and straight.

Don’t forget we use the only place in the world that is completely free of advertisements – THE SKY.

A balloon is an excellent reinforcement to enhance your company’s communication strategy, as well as a profitable ALTERNATIVE in case of reduced budget. Efficiency and profitability

  • Attention’s level: 100% immediate attention
  • IImpact: 90% of the target talks about the balloons seen in these events
  • Knowledge: 96% of the target remembers the brand in tree seen balloons
  • Noticeability: 96% of the target remembers the mentioned memory for at least three years after the event.
  • An advertising balloon generates a value 7 times higher than the cost of the advertising investment in comparative terms.
  • The average service life of a hot air balloon is five years or 300 hours of flying time, whatever occurs first.
  • It is a perfect PR tool, because people can get on board
  • Availability to transport anywhere and easy to assemble.
  • Last but not least, is more photogenic than a billboard!


Did you know...?
…The real state franchises net REMAX owns the biggest corporate hot air balloon’s fleet in the world with more than 100. Aerodifusión was chosen to operate its balloons in Spain in 1995, becoming the first REMAX flight team in Europe. We have operated 5 balloons for them in Spain since then.