Segovia Balloon Flights

One of our favourite places to fly is Segovia. The city offers a wonderful scenery to behold from the sky: the Cathedral, the Roman Aqueduct, the Alcazar (City Castle). Both the area and its microclimate are ideal for balloon flying.

In this fairy tale city you will find extraordinary accommodations and magnificent restaurants to choose from to make the best of a weekend.

The balloon activity is the best match to the visits for tourists available in Segovia or the activities outdoors, for we do it early in the morning.

1 hour 15 minutes from Madrid in private transport!

Coordinates: 40º 56' 44'' N - 04º 07' 55'' O. Elevation: 980m.

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NEW! This pack includes:

  • Flight activity on Segovia, picnic with cava, flight certificate and photo report.
  • Large White Bean Stew made with Smoky Spanish Paprika and Sausage or Castillian Garlic Soup Made with Paprika, Cumin, Bits of Cured Ham and Sausage, Bread and Poached Egg. Roast Suckling Pig ( A Segovian Specialty) Chesecake Custard Red Wine form the Ribera del Duero Region Coffee.
  • (It's possible to switch from Suckling pig to Pork Sirloin or Fresh Fish but we ask to please specify how many of each dish is requested especially as roast suckling pig is a dish that cannot be improvised at the last minute.)

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